Welcome to Australia!

Travelling to Australia has always been at the very top of my bucket list. For years I’ve watched it on my tv, read about it in books and searched the internet and social media for all things Australia related. The people, the weather, the lifestyle and the beaches is everything I dreamt of, and this month I finally made it!


After catching a bleary eyed 8am flight earlier this month on a few hours sleep, we caught a 23 hour flight, stopping off in Abu Dhabi, before finally landing in Brisbane on the Friday evening. Our journey and dream of travelling around Australia had finally begun!

Our first stay was with family friends in Sandgate, the North side of Brisbane. We took this as an opportunity to relax, get to grips with Australia, sort out the adult side of things like bank accounts, SIM cards and MediCards, and to recover from jet lag!

Two weeks later we still don’t really have a solid plan. Over the next month we are staying in Brisbane, and on the 29th December we are road tripping down to Sydney for New Year’s Eve, and in January, Melbourne is hopefully the next destination.

I’ve said to everyone that writing about my experiences during travel is something I would love to do, and you can also follow me on Instagram…. here!


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