Surfing on the Sunshine Coast

Surfing is hard, very bloody hard. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting to leave as a professional or anything like that but I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be as difficult as it was. I had a few tantrums, not gonna lie, and I sunbathed on my surfboard for the majority of time we were there… oops! I had the whole day planned in my head. I had my camera all set, my GoPro and its head strap fully expecting an afternoon full of fun pictures and videos to share… let’s just say, it didn’t go to plan.

At around 11:30am on a gorgeous Wednesday morning, we packed our backpacks and headed back to Mooloolaba at The Sunshine Coast – a place we immediately fell in love with when we first visited earlier this week. I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous, the waves are something else over here and the closest I’ve been on a surf board is those little kiddy ones you get on holiday and lie on in your hotel swimming pool. But in Australia, it would be rude not to at least try it, right?

We hired our surfboards from a local shop for 30 dollars each and headed down to the white sands and choppy waters. I struggled to even lift the surfboard, never mind try and lie on one in the waves. Being quite light, the waves battered me, I struggled even getting into the water to swim. After a few tries, I gave up, I just couldn’t do it. Maybe surfing wasn’t for me.

Australians make it look so easy. They jump onto their boards, stand up and ride the waves like its second nature to them – I’d never felt so British. After about an hour, I bit the bullet and tried again, this time with a different attitude. The waves still scared me and I still didn’t feel anywhere near as comfortable as I should have done, but things got a bit better. I managed to ride tiny waves while lying on my stomach if that counts?

The board and sea definitely owned me. I spent most of the time underwater than on it, and I had a few knocks to my head and nose but in the end, I was so chuffed that I tried something new. I didn’t get the pictures I’d hoped for, in fact taking pictures was the last thing on my mind (all of the worst case scenarios were in my mind). But soon we will be giving surfing another go!

Anyway… I think I’m starting to become a proper Australian now…


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