Incredible Sunset at The Glass House Mountains

On the way down to the Sunshine Coast last week, we were greeted by incredible views of three mountains in the distance. We had no idea what they were, but we knew we’d have to take a trip and discover what they were. The Glass House Mountains haven’t been mentioned to us before. If it wasn’t for travelling to Mooloolaba, it’s likely we would never have known about this gorgeous spot just off the motorway.

On a humid Saturday evening, we packed our backpacks, put on our comfy shoes and headed to the mountains with the aim of catching the sunset. This visit provides something for everyone. The hill up to the lookout wasn’t too steep and only took 10 minutes, and you also given the choice of tougher walks if you are feeling up to it. You could say that I’m not at my fittest and the humidity here is exhausting, so we took the easy option.


At the lookout we were greeted by breathtaking views of Mount Beerwah and Mount Coonowrin. To your left is Mount Beerwah – meaning “mother” or “eagle”. This mountain stands at 556m and is the highest of the Glass House Mountain peaks. To your right is Mount Coonowrin, the seconds highest mountain peak standing 377m.

The Sunset

DSC07500-2DSC07498 copyDSC07494 copyDSC07495 copy

Although still magical, the lookout was surrounded by trees meaning we were unable to have a clear view of the sun setting from there. I was also bitten a total of 19 times by mosquitoes – dedication at its finest, so we made the decision to head back half way in hope to witness something – and luckily enough we made the right decision.

The sunset here was incredible and we had the view of Mount Tunbubudla, also known as “The Twins”. The bites became totally worth it and the view of the sun going behind the mountains was much more than I expected. Upon leaving, we were very surprised that The Glass House Mountains were not a must see. Both blown away, this visit only took us around two hours altogether (including getting there and back) – and located in the Sunshine Coast region, it has so far been one of my favourite places to see whilst in Brisbane.


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