Pretty Moments at Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Exploring the Botanic Gardens in Mt Coot-tha was never on our list, in fact before we came to Brisbane we never knew that they were a thing. We visited on a cloudy, yet humid, Sunday afternoon not really expecting too much. It has been recommended to us before but on the other hand it was also described as ‘boring’ and something we didn’t need to see. However, these gardens ended up being one of our favourite experiences thus far.

This simple afternoon out ended up being one of our favourite and must see places in Brisbane. The Botanic Gardens land just a 5 minute drive away from Mt Coot-tha – Brisbane’s tallest mountain, and lies 7 kilometres away from Brisbane’s Central Business District.

Leafy, yet colourful, the gardens provide a peaceful ambience throughout with a background noise of the wildlife and plenty, or heaps, of different features to discover including the Japanese Garden, Tropical Display Dome and much more.




The Japanese Garden has to be my favourite feature, most likely because it’s a photographers dream (with the amount of cameras and huge telephoto lenses we came across, it quickly became obvious). Designed by one of Japan’s leading Japanese garden proponents, Kenzo Ogata, the garden makes use of Australian trees, native shrugs and flowers, while using Japanese Garden design concepts. This part of the gardens displays a gorgeous like surrounded by bright greenery, dragon flies and butterflies, making it easy to park down on a bench and appreciate the natural surroundings.

The Botanic Gardens are a must see to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and to experience nature just outside of the city. We spent around an hour wandering around the gardens, admiring the stunning flowers and of course, the Australian Water Dragons!


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