Melbourne – The Least Loveable City

Oh Melbourne, I’ve tried so hard to fall in love with you over the last few days, but sometimes things just don’t work out. All jokes aside, Melbourne really is the most overrated city I’ve been to so far in Australia. I’m not trying to be negative, but I’ve found it incredibly difficult to love it like everyone else seems to do, and throughout our stay, we felt very underwhelmed.

Before we travelled on our first road trip adventure from Brisbane to Melbourne, everyone had rave reviews about it – other than the weather. So naturally, we expected a lot. We entered with our eyes wide open ready to embrace the few days we had over here. But as soon as I spent my first hour in the city, I was quickly disappointed.

I suppose it just didn’t have the “wow factor” I was expecting. So many people have said how amazing Melbourne is, the food, the European side to it, but I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand the hype. I didn’t even really understand the food side to it either. Of course, there are a few amazing little restaurants and cafes, but no way near as much as I was expecting.

And then there’s the “hidden” side to it, like you’d get in every other city of course. I couldn’t help but notice that there was a high percentage of people on drugs and there is definitely a problem with homelessness within the city. As we were walking down the main lane of food, a person was sat there high as a kite next door to a restaurant, smoking the weirdest smelling drug. And on every street corner, it’s easy to spot a group of people living on the streets, and it’s sad, particularly with so many tourists surrounding them taking photos of nearby areas and dining outdoors with gorgeous looking food on their plates.

Melbourne really isn’t what I was expecting it to be, the same goes for Jack.  And there wasn’t one moment where I thought “wow, this amazing”. Perhaps I’ve missed something, and it would be interested to know if anyone has the same opinion as me or if you have had an amazing time here.

I will post a highlights guide of everything I’ve seen whilst being here following up from this post. There are some things that have made this trip worthwhile, but as a whole, Melbourne just wasn’t the place for me. I think it’s a place for edgier people, younger people and students who are looking for a hipster sort of town to live. Something Jack and I aren’t!


3 thoughts on “Melbourne – The Least Loveable City

  1. I have definitely heard mixed reviews about Melbourne, and I am sorry to hear that you didn’t have a positive experience – from what you’ve described, it certainly doesn’t sound like the type of place I’d enjoy visiting. It’s always a shame when a location falls below expectations!

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    1. It really isn’t what everyone made it out to be which is a shame! There are some places worth visiting but it didn’t have the ‘wow’ like other cities in Australia! I guess it’s all part of travelling 😊


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