Memorable Moments from My First Road Trip

I feel like I’ve all I’ve spoken about recently is our epic road trip in Australia, but I’ve experienced so many different feelings and I’ve been inspired by so many occurrences, that I just can’t not talk about it. I’m back in Brisbane now – my second home, and I’ve had a few days to reflect on everything we’ve seen and done in our trusty Mitsubishi Lancer. I’ve managed to narrow it down to six of my favourite moments, and must sees if you ever decide to road trip in Aus.

Barbecue On The Beach


On our last night, we found barbecues by the beach during our over night stay in Port Macquarie, and took full advantage of them as the sun set behind us. It was perfect, if you forget about the risk of food poisoning from the uncooked chicken, but we were fine. One of the worst parts of the trip was the lack of food we had, primarily due to the fact we were so unorganised, so eating proper, heated food, was exactly what we craved – so what better way to end the three weeks away pretending we were proper Aussie’s at the beach. That evening really was perfection, and it definitely won’t be the last time we do this.

Pulled Over


Half way through the journey we stopped off at the very basic and boring Canberra, arguably the most boring and quietest capital city in the world. As we first got into the area, we noticed police behind us, and ultimately, we were pulled over for speeding. Neither of us have experienced this before at home in England, so with it being our first time and in another country, we shit ourselves. Luckily, despite being over the speed limit by a fair amount, the policeman let us off with a warning. And instead of it being a nightmare to tell everyone, it’s actually pretty funny to look back on.

New Years Eve in Sydney


Probably the highlight of my whole life, watching the New Year firework display in Sydney from the Sydney Opera House was an experience I will never, ever, forget. Standing around for sixteen hours wasn’t fun, but the end result made it all worth it. Watching the fireworks in Sydney has been at the very top of my bucket list since I was little, and not many people can say they have achieved this. It took a while for the moment to sink in, but I’m so pleased that I chose to stay away from filming and taking pictures in order to just enjoy it.

Byron Bay


Jack wanted to save this for a weekend away, but I couldn’t wait. Basically, all week pictures surfaced of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus in Byron Bay, so naturally I just had to see if I could spot them. I didn’t, but that didn’t take away how incredible Byron Bay was. We were only there for an hour but I fell totally in love with it. The beach, the people, the vibe and the shops were all to die for. And I’m already planning on spending my first wage (if I get a job) on a shopping spree there. Jack just doesn’t know that yet.

The Great Ocean Road


I can’t stress enough how beautiful and amazing The Great Ocean Road is. I was blown away by the drive and the lookout points. It was one of those places where you just don’t know where to look, and can’t keep your eyes off what is in front of you. Teddy’s Lookout is an absolute must if you decide to travel there. The view from the lookout was absolutely beautiful and it was the moment where I fell in love with The Great Ocean Road. It’s very unlikely that we’ll get the chance to revisit, but I will jump on the opportunity to go back.

Sublime Lookout

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This was another wow moment, similar to Teddy’s Lookout. Only this was different. I’ve never taken the time to appreciate forests or anything like that, I’ve always found beaches and the sea to be more beautiful, however, Sublime Lookout on The Blue Mountains was breathtakingly beautiful. It was the first time where I didn’t know what to do with myself, I didn’t even want to take a picture of it because I knew it wouldn’t do it any justice.

Although stressful and tiring at times, this road trip was something I will never forget, and I would recommend it to anyone. We managed to tick off so many things on our Australia list in a matter of three weeks, and witness the beautiful places Australia has to offer. Our next road trip will be Brisbane to Cairns within the next few months – as well as visiting the Whitsundays and The Great Barrier Reef. And I simply cannot wait!


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