The Perfect Little Book To Carry in Your Backpack for Your Travels

On a sunny afternoon strolling around Kendal, Jack and I were determined to pop into a book shop to find a book that suited ourselves for Australia. I’m not much of a reader myself, at least I wasn’t until I began to take travel writing seriously, so I had no idea what genre of book I was looking for. After mooching through a variety of travel books, I came across My Adventures –  A Travellers Journal by Lisa Te Sonne. It seemed perfect.

Now, this isn’t a novel, so it defeats the object of why I wanted a book. However, it is an amazingly put together diary and a brilliant idea by Lisa, for you. My intentions were to write about my time travelling, and then type my stories up on my blog. Although, regrettably, it has taken until the end of January for me to dig it out of my forever growing suitcase, and I do wish I started writing sooner.


The book features inspiring quotes, every travel tip you can imagine – even things you probably haven’t even thought about, and pages for you to write about your different experiences and adventures during your travels. I guess it’s an alternative to writing about it on your blog, which is only shared with you and your loved ones.

Table of Contents 

  • My Travel Wishlist
  • My Travel Map Of The World
  • Favourite Adventures (so far)
  • My Journey Pages
  • Doodling & Sketching
  • Choosing Your Adventure
  • Before I Go
  • On The Road

Three Things I Love About It

  • First of all, the size and weight make the book perfect to carry around with you or to fit into your backpack.
  • Secondly, the tips and tricks are unbelievably helpful. There are some things I would never have thought of without the help of Lisa, and the space underneath allows you to write down everything you need to pack, making it easier having a list all in one place!
  • Something to look back on. With blogging, the platforms available to us aren’t always reliable, and you never know what could happen to your website. Having everything written down in a book means your stories and memories are kept safe. You don’t need internet, and you can take it around everywhere with you.

When I visit somewhere, I have a habit of burying my head in my phone as I write about what’s directly in front of me – and to be honest, I really don’t enjoy it. I’m frequently rushing around to the next place, finding a new location to take a photo and I’m always checking to see how my photo came out. Writing about an experience, pen to paper, provides more time and less rushing around – something a lot of tourists and travellers are all guilty of.

This year is all about self discovery. Over the course of the past few days, I’ve realised how much travel has shaped me as a person – a post I’ve been working on this week. I’ve discovered what my true passions are, I have new goals and dreams, and I want to document my experiences in unique ways to others.

Yesterday I published this post. A post which opens a reader up to a whole new world of travel documentation. Writing on paper is one thing, however there are still so many other different ways to remember your experiences – travel related or not.


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Little Book To Carry in Your Backpack for Your Travels

  1. I always make sure to come back to my hotel at night and write down what I did through the day in my travel diary and I paste little souvenirs like tickets or pamphlets or whatver to help me remember the day. This books seems like something every traveller should carry. Definitely going to buy it for my next trip. A good find really 🙂

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