Addicted To The Blog & Not Knowing When To Switch Off 

I’ve had an on/off relationship with blogging ever since I started in 2016, and it has been so bloody frustrating ever since I signed up to WordPress. As much as I love it, I become too overwhelmed with the hard work blogging consists of for very little recognition – resulting in the ‘giving up’ mentality bloggers are often faced with. I do often wonder why I struggle to keep up with everyone else, frequently fighting with the thought I’m not cut out for the blogger life. But I think each time, I’ve had a burn out.

Sticking at things is something I regularly struggle with – I’ve become a vegetarian over 100x. I give it my best shot for about two days, and then forget all about it. However, blogging has always been different. I really do give it my best shot, however my mind is always running away from me and I spend hours and hours writing, editing, reading and checking my never growing blog statistics. I guess you could say that when I’m at my highest point blog wise, it takes over my life – which isn’t too enjoyable, to be honest.

As soon as I wake up, I’m either looking at my blog, reading someone else’s or writing up an idea I had during my sleep, throughout the afternoon I write up as much as I possibly can, during the evening I post, and right before bedtime – the ideas pour in, and my 10pm bedtime is often 2am.

The issue with me, is I don’t have the capability to switch off. When I’m in my blogging element, which has been throughout the whole of this month, I don’t stop. My mind just can’t switch off, and if it does, I’m searching for inspiration from my favourite bloggers. As soon as I put my laptop down, I struggle to keep away from the notes on my phone and I’m always itching to do something that will benefit my blog. I’m not doing my head any good, or my eyes for that matter and they’re bad enough already.

Things will have to change from February onwards. Daily blogging has been so much fun and a challenge I’ll most likely do again, but suffering from a burn out or mental block seems inevitable. I need to learn to not feel guilty if I don’t get a blog post out on the days I said I should, or taking a few days away from writing in order to give my brain a rest. It seems ridiculous, I know. I’m at the very bottom of the pile of thousands of bloggers and I’m yet to receive any email from a company asking to work with me – but in my head, it’s fun having a hobby that seems like work, especially whilst I’m unemployed and travelling.

I think it’s amazing to have a goal and to work on something you are incredibly passionate about. Right now, this little blog is my pride and joy and it’s one of the only things that is keeping me doing on the harder days being away from home. However like most things, balance is key, and I’m currently working on finding that balance. Travelling, writing, publishing, editing and spending time with Jack are all things I need to find a balance in. When I figure out how to get that balance, I’ll let you in.

However I do believe that hard work does eventually pay off, so maybe being a blog addict isn’t too bad after all?


7 thoughts on “Addicted To The Blog & Not Knowing When To Switch Off 

  1. I know this feeling, I’m constantly checking my blog stats and I get so happy just to see my views go up by 1 every so often. I’m a new blogger so my expectations aren’t very high, but I think the pressure will increase as I go on…

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    1. There is a lot more to stats though! Just focus on your content and the followers and views will keep going up and up 😊 the worst thing you can do is focus too much on stats as it’ll take the enjoyment out of your writing!


  2. This is so very relatable. I’m new to blogging, but I’m already finding that after working at my full-time job I’m basically coming home to another. I love writing and am having so much fun with with my blog. I will need to eventually find that balance to avoid the burn out.

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  3. Hey Isobel, I am so glad I stumbled on your blog – I came here through your Instagram Algo blog and I could not agree more. What you said about the obsession with blogging is also correct. I guess we all start blogging with the purpose to put out great content out there, and eventually start getting concerned with more audience for our content, because hey, a little appreciation and encouragement never hurts! And I guess that’s where the Insta obsession creeps in because there is no denying that Insta/Pin/Twiiter etc have become a great way to get traffic onto your blog and as much I hate, hate the Follow4Follow trend(because most of them either ways unfollow you in the end), that is the harsh reality! Sorry, it kind of became a huge comment, but hey, got you a loyal follower! Cheers.:)

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    1. Thank you so much 😊 I completely agree, we put so much of our time and effort into our content and get very little attention from it! I agree that they become a great way to increase traffic, but like you said – so many people unfollow you anyway and it’s likely that people follow without even taking the time to read your blog posts anyway! It is the harsh reality so that’s why we have to make sure we keep enjoying producing content 😊 no worries, thank you so much, I can’t wait to read your blog!

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