My First Australia Day

I’ve heard of Australia Day before, but I admit I had no idea what the day was actually about. However, due to how brilliant the Aussie’s are, and any excuse for a drink, right? I’ve been pretty excited about this day for quite a few weeks.  It’s been interesting talking to locals about how they celebrate Australia Day, as everybody does something different. Some families choose to have the traditional ‘lamb shank’ dinner, others head to the beach with their whole family, swimming in the sea and listening to music, whilst many Australia’s opt for a traditional Aussie barbecue on the beach or at home – it has to be shrimps, of course.

Suttons Beach 

We didn’t really know what to expect, but we headed down to our favourite beach in Brisbane with our eyes and minds wide open. The first thing we noticed was how many people choose to go to the beach – it seems that every Australian owns a pop-up tent, a gazebo, a barbecue and all have large families and many friends – it was brilliant. All genres of music were playing from Bluetooth speakers, people of all ages were chilling out in the sun, market stalls were selling everything from arts and crafts to German sausages and everyone seemed so happy.

We spent a good hour soaking up the atmosphere and mooching around the food stalls by the beach, with the feeling “wouldn’t it be amazing to live here”. After spending the whole of Christmas in Brisbane, Australia Day appeared to be the bigger event.

Two things I love about Australia is the happiness and positive vibes Australian’s give out. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by so much happiness and fun, and experiencing the general “life is great” outlook. But it would be if you lived near a beach, wouldn’t it? Perhaps it’s the weather, the beaches and the food that makes Australia such a great place to be – and to experience it first hand, I would highly recommend coming to Australia in Australia Day.



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