A Look Back on January

After welcoming 2018 underneath an array of incredible fireworks from Sydney Harbour Bridge, we then travelled to Melbourne, completed The Great Ocean Road, explored New South Wales’ Blue Mountains and fell in love with Byron Bay. It has been a busy old month, and a month I will never forget. There has been more to it though, I’ve set goals that I’ve achieved before the month was over, I’ve discovered new passions and I have met some of the most incredible people.

When our road trip came to an end in Brisbane, we checked into the most gorgeous Airbnb for a couple of months to find jobs and to chill out a bit before we embark on our next adventures in Queensland. January, you have been a month to remember, so here is a collection of all my favourite moments from this month…

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Welcomed 2018 in Sydney – 
I’ll go on about this for the rest of my life. Greeting 2018 stood outside Sydney Opera House and watching the incredible fireworks off Sydney Harbour Bridge – I mean, how could I ever top that? This was a childhood dream for me, and a month later I still can’t believe I managed to achieve something so high on my bucket list.


Discovered hidden beaches – Finding Hyams Beach – located around an hour away from Sydney, was unbelievable. Being a huge fan of Greece, I never thought I’d discover waters as clear until we stumbled across Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay. The white sand and crystal clear waters are to die for.


Melbourne – I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a love hate relationship with Melbourne. I can’t deny that it has been my least favourite city so far, but looking back, it was pretty cool, and another major attraction in Australia to tick off. Other than the negatives, there were still many days there I enjoyed. Laneways was a new experience and Flinders Street Station was absolutely beautiful.

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The Great Ocean Road
– I look back at the photos I’ve taken from this journey and can’t believe the things I saw. The Great Ocean Road is truly magnificent and a must see if you are heading to Australia. Teddy’s Lookout is at the top of my list of places to see – with stunning views of the winding roads surrounded by blue waters and green mountains. This isn’t only a highlight of January, it’ll be a highlight of my whole life.

Fallen In Love with Reading – Other than a showbiz column in a magazine and Lord of The Flies in school, I’ve never made the effort to read. Now, I still haven’t completed a book, but that’s not the point. However this month I’ve really started to fall in love with reading. I think it’s shown in my writing and I definitely feel more intelligent – maybe, just a little bit. If you’re anything like me and hate the thought of reading, give it a try – you might be surprised.


Finding My Current Meaning to Life – I wrote this post last week, and I was surprised by the reaction it received. It got quite deep, but when you have as much time to yourself as I currently do, being alone in your own thoughts means looking into things far too much than you probably should. I’ve been stressed about my future recently, and going into the unknown after I finish travelling does scare me. But for now, travelling and writing is my current meaning to life – and I need to enjoy it before shit gets serious.

The Art of Travel – Following my new found love for reading, I’ve been determined to find a travel book that would inspire me and help me with my travel writing. I recently came across “The Art of Travel” – a book that explores the psychological side to travel. Although not for everyone and quite deep in parts, I’ve enjoyed looking deeper into the meaning of travel and thinking about why people choose to travel.


Byron Bay – We were only there for an hour, but I fell head over heels with Byron Bay. I won’t go into too much detail as I’m sure you’re already sick and tired of me waffling on about the same old things – however, last weekend we booked our first ever camping trip for the beginning of March, just outside Byron Bay!

Goals, goals, goals – I’m not one for setting goals because if I’m being honest, I very rarely achieve them. But this month I was determined to set myself some mini challenges on my blog and personally too. Let’s start off with blogging. I kept it a secret, but this month I was eager to have a month of daily blogging – and I did it. The second was views – now, I know traffic isn’t something  we should focus too much on, but this month I’ve achieved the most views I ever have done in a month, and I’m buzzing. Then there’s the reading – I’ve challenged myself to read more, and so far so good.

The Music – When I’m writing I frequently struggle to keep a momentum up, often losing focus. I’ve been listening to a different genre of music recently to help me focus more and for some well needed inspiration. Fresh Air” by Homeshake is exactly what it says on the tin, a breath of fresh air. The music is different to anything I’ve heard before, similarly to “Fated” by Nosaj Thing. If you’re looking for something totally unique, you should give these albums a listen.

And for a bit of fun, have a listen to the playlist “Easy 90s” on Spotify for a major childhood throwback…


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