The Best Compact Camera for Travel

Finding the perfect camera can take months and months, especially for me. I spend hours a day reading reviews online and comparing each camera until I make my decision. I came travelling with the Sony a6000 – a camera I still absolutely love, however I knew I needed something smaller that I could easily slide into my pocket and is easy to use – yet still takes quality images.

I wanted a digital camera that would still produce high quality photographs, compact, shoot in RAW, take excellent video and work similarly to a DSLR. After weeks of research, I opted for the Canon g7x ii – a camera that has been perfect for my travels thus far. The cons of the camera were things I could overlook – although the camera does lack a view finder – which, if I admit, is something that I do miss when taking a photo.

The Pros

  • 20.1-megapixel 1-inch sensor
  • Full HD 60p video recording
  • Wi-Fi
  • Digic 7 Processor
  • Raw shooting

The Cons

  • No view finder
  • Sometimes struggles to focus
  • Short zoom

I was extremely surprised when I first came across the different scene selections the camera provided. For example, self portrait, portrait, panning, background defocus, are all part of a small percentage of the many scene selections featured under SCN. Secondly, the Canon g7x ii also allows you to set your own settings manually – and easily. This provides you with the freedom to change the shutter speed, the F stop, the ISO – similarly to a DSLR. When shooting, I tend to sway towards the Auto setting – due to the simplicity of the option. However, this is a perfect camera to gain knowledge on photography before jumping onto a DSLR.


Overall, the Canon g7x ii is the perfect travel companion for a professional photographer or for an amateur. When travelling, taking the perfect pictures – simply and easily, is a must when you are on the go. However, understanding what camera to use can be difficult when there are so many different options to choose from. features an array of options for digital photography, as well as excellent reviews for each camera. In order to gain the best outcome for their visitors, choose to compare individual camera features, talk you through the best advance cameras and also provide the reader with further information regarding other cameras you should consider. On top of this, there is also plenty of information on the best camera settings to use, as well as tips and tricks.

You can check out their resource list here:

Below are a few examples of photographs taken on the Canon g7x ii



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