The Thing About Melbourne

I’ve heard so much about Melbourne since we first arrived in Australia, so I couldn’t wait to see what the fuss was about. However, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly disappointed – no matter how hard I tried to enjoy myself. Travelling and being away from the comfort of my home and it’s surroundings definitely teaches me more things than I could’ve ever imagined; one thing being – the higher the expectation, the more disappointed you’ll be. Nonetheless; I managed to take a lot out of this one week stay, met some incredibly lovely people and discovered I still strongly dislike being in crowded places. Here is – things about Melbourne…

The things I liked: Hosier Lane was unbelievably unique and I’ve never considered graffiti to be ‘art’ until I saw this street. Every inch of the cobbled street walls are covered in colourful graffiti and art work. Secondly, Queen Victoria Market is a must if you’re a foodie. Only running on Wednesday evenings, the markets provide street food from all over the world, arts and crafts, ice-cream, live music and more.

The thing I disliked: The level of homelessness and drugs within Melbourne took me by surprise – and the main factor as to why Melbourne just didn’t do it for me. As we were walking down one the city’s Laneways – a woman was sat in a corner; next to a restaurant, high as a kite and smoking what I think was ‘ice’. Groups of homeless people were sat on the majority of street corners; asking for money and food, whilst being ignored by every person who walked by.

The thing I wanted to capture: Flinders Street Station is an iconic feature in Melbourne, therefore, I couldn’t wait to take the stereotypical tourist photo. The station itself was much bigger than I initially anticipated and boasted incredible architectural features.

The thing I learnt: I came to many conclusions while in Melbourne. Mainly; despite conveniently growing up in one, I’m not a city person. I consider myself to be an introvert and I often find it difficult being in busy locations – too many bodies in one place is my worst nightmare, therefore, the hustle and bustle of Melbourne became too much for me to handle. Take me to a beach any day…

Things to consider: If you hate busy places, this isn’t a city for you. Expect to be introduced to the modern world of hipster, ice, homelessness and litter…

The things I’d recommend: Take a bite to eat at a cafe on Laneways; capture the iconic Flinders Street Station, take a walk around Federation Square’s Art Gallery, visit The beautiful Shrine of Remembrance, take your time walking up Hosier Lane, purchase a magazine in Mag Nation and finish off tasting street food at Queen Victoria Market.

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4 thoughts on “The Thing About Melbourne

  1. Melbourne is one of my most look forward to places to visit in Australia, but I love the buzz of a city. I spent most of my life in a run down small town, and moving to Manchester for uni was the best thing I could have done!

    Brisbane was my Melbourne. Hated it there! I don’t even know why. Everything just didn’t feel right and I just wanted to get out!

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    1. That’s really interesting! Melbourne reminded me a lot of Manchester so I think that’s why I didn’t enjoy it! I can get the same experience 10 minutes down the road at home!

      And I absolutely love brisbane! I love that it’s quieter and cleaner!


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