The Thing About Sydney

Having Sydney on my itinerary is something I could never have imagined – it’s what dreams are made of. For years I’ve owned calendars and posters featuring the Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge on my bedroom wall, never imagining I’d ever see them with my own eyes. As I write this; it’s been over a month since I stood outside the Opera House and watched the breathtakingly beautiful firework display off the Harbour Bridge, and even now, I still don’t think it’s sunk in. The purpose of our visit was for New Years Eve – again, something I never, ever thought was possible and a story I will never tire of telling. However, although I only spent a few days in this incredibly city – here is the things about Sydney…

The thing I liked:  The initial glimpse of Sydney Opera House. Before we even arrived in Australia, I knew that I’d feel utterly overwhelmed as soon as I laid my eyes on the most iconic attraction in Australia. The feeling within me was like nothing I could explain. I felt magical; overwhelmed, emotional and extremely lucky.

The thing I disliked: As I was only there for a few days, I didn’t manage to explore Sydney as much as I’d have liked to. We managed to squeeze in the ‘must sees’, however we never made it to anywhere else in the city. Of course, this gives me another excuse to head back before I leave for New Zealand…

The thing I wanted to capture: Obviously, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge – I’ve never visited a city so historic or as difficult to get to as Sydney. Ever since I was a little girl, seeing and snapping these attractions for myself have been in the top five on my bucket list, and I’m still struggling to comprehend that on this very blog post – the pictures I’m posting are mine!

The thing I learnt: Plan ahead. A weekend in Sydney wasn’t enough for me personally, especially as one of those days included standing around for 16 hours waiting for the New Years Eve fireworks. As soon as we stepped foot in the city, we soon realised how much there was to do, especially after we began to talk to locals.

The things I wish I did: The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and taking a boat trip to Manly Beach – I’m sure there could be plenty more to add to the list.

The things to consider: If possible, try and get to Sydney for their breathtaking firework display – you will not be disappointed. However, if you are looking for a quieter experience – visit during the winter months. Less tourists, less crowds, cheaper; and a quieter experience at Bondi.

The things to know for NYE: Ensure you book your accommodation far in advance and for a few days before New Years Eve; on the day, arrive in Sydney for around 8am, head straight to the left of the Opera House and wait until they begin to prevent people from coming in that area, pack plenty of food and water, books and music. If people are waiting around in tents blocking the view, don’t worry, they will take them down when the sun goes down.

The things I’d recommend: Take a walk around the grounds of the Opera House before strolling around the Botanic Gardens to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair – a perfect picture opportunity of both the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. On day two, take a trip to Bondi Beach and Bondi Icebergs for more iconic views – finishing off with a short walk at Bondi’s Watson’s Bay for something a little hidden…

The Most Overwhelming Weekend in Sydney
The Most Overwhelming Weekend in Sydney



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