10 Honest Truths About Travelling as a Couple

Firstly – Happy Valentines Day! Considering I’m travelling around the world with my boyfriend, I don’t think I’ve ever written a ‘couples travel’ post on here before. We’re three months in to our Australian adventure and I think we could both agree that it hasn’t been easy. We are currently spending every single day together, living together, worrying about our spends and, well, you get the idea. Three months in; I’d consider myself to be quite the expert at couple travel.

Last night Jack and I sat down and discussed the truthful highs and lows we’ve both experienced since our journey began back in November, and considering today is all about love – I thought I’d share them with you.

Increases Cost – There’s two of you, which ultimately means doubling the price of pretty much everything you do together. Food shopping for two, accommodation for two, tickets for two, meals for two – there isn’t any way to escape the cost of being a travelling couple.

Double The Money – But despite things being more on the pricey side – you’ll be able to afford it. I’m assuming you’re looking for work whilst you’re travelling or you have both had separate jobs before you bought your plane ticket, therefore, you are travelling with double the money. If I came out here on my own and currently living in the circumstances I’m facing – I’d already be home. Putting our money together has lifted the pressure off an awful lot.

You’ll be living on top of each other – Jack and I have spent every single day together in the past three months, being a part for an hour at the most. You’ll be sharing a room together, living together, shopping together, travelling together and socialising together; there is literally no escaping. Luckily we know how to embrace silence and understand when to give each other space, but if you’re a couple who frequently argues or regularly need time a part- travelling together probably isn’t for you.

Company – Travelling with somebody you love often cures loneliness. Sometimes, even in silence, it’s comforting to know that somebody is always there. Travelling can be a lonely experience and I often need a cuddle from somebody I love, or just a simple chat to let everything out. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t know how to cope if I was travelling on my own.

You will argue – Arguing, disagreements and snapping is inevitable – even for a couple who had never argued before travel.Being around someone every single day opens up a whole new world for the both of you. You’ll see each other at their highest and lowest points, as well as their grumpy and frustrated points. Travel brings a lot of stress; it can be testing sometimes. There’s money to think of, tiredness to battle with, hormones, decision making, stress and homesickness to overcome – of course you are bound to argue.

You’ll become more motivated – With sadness and low points, it’s likely that you’re partner knows how to cheer you up. I’ll take last Sunday for example, a day I’d consider my worst day in Australia so far. I was hormonal, stressed and I missed home. I cried all day and the only person who was able to cheer me up and spur me on was Jack. I’ve had a few bad days recently, mainly due to homesickness and money, and if I was here on my own, I think I’d already be back in England.

Accommodation can be tricky – It isn’t as simple to rock up at a hostel and request a private room as it would be to ask for a shared dorm when you’re a couple. In order to keep sane, a couple needs privacy, and you’re not going to get that in a hostel. Therefore, expect to pay more. Double rooms in any type of accommodation will be more expensive than a single room, it doesn’t take a travel expert to realise that.

Share experiences – We have seen some incredible things during our adventures and we have already made so many memories together in such a short space of time. And having somebody next to you during all of these moments make them even more special. I love being able to talk for hours about something that blew me away that day, or standing in silence taking everything in together.

It isn’t like Instagram – As much as I wish our social media accounts provided beautiful images of Jack and I together; the reality is quite different. For a start, we can’t be serious people; posing just isn’t how we work. Secondly, the majority of our days consist of lounging around and applying for jobs (someone please hire us), and thirdly, our beach photos usually consist of splashing around and making fun of each other – who has time for staged pictures?

Stronger Relationship – Lastly; travelling can either make or break you, the former being our case *luckily*. Travelling together can evidently feature both high and low points, however, learning to live together, seeing each other at your highest and lowest points, experiencing incredible adventures together and creating the most beautiful memories together are enough to make your relationship as strong as ever.


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