Why Is My Blog so Embarrassing?

 I first began blogging during on a whim back during summer 2016. I’d fallen in love with YouTube many years beforehand; dreaming that one day I’d pluck up the courage to begin a YouTube channel of my own. Still to this day; I wish I could. However, YouTube eventually introduced me to the Blogosphere – a hobby that I could easily begin, and a hobby that I could do anonymously, quietly and secretly.

For the first few weeks; I didn’t tell anyone. I’d sneak up to my room during the evening and type up how I felt that day, or I’d jot down notes on my phone whilst watching TV with my parents. Eventually, I told my mum and dad that I’d taken up blogging to support my love of Photography; I just didn’t tell them my domain or what I chose to write about at the time. I guess it was like an online diary, a place where I was able to escape from the reality of working and university, and eventually gain a small following on my small blog. However in the end, I ended up telling my parents the domain. It wasn’t until a text I’d received from my dad during an Autumnal days walk until I felt my first wave of embarrassment. His text was along the lines of ‘your blog is brilliant, you’re a great writer’ – and for some reason, I was ashamed. I didn’t like the fact that somebody so close to me had read my words, even if it was positive feedback. In fact, I remember changing my domain and deleting some of the posts I’d published through sheer embarrassment.

Last year, I deleted every single post I’d shared with my followers in order to begin again. I wanted to focus primarily on travel and my journey in Australia so that my friends and family could read about it. I changed the domain and deleted all trace of anything I’d previously done in relation to my blog, and posted it on Instagram. To be fair, my friends loved it, they praised me for my writing, but again, I felt embarrassed.  A few weeks later I deleted the url off my Instagram and changed my domain. I didn’t want my friends reading it, especially as I was writing more and more about lifestyle related topics again. Now nobody, other than my boyfriend and family, know that I blog. It’s become my anonymous secret again, to the point where I ‘hate’ Jack proudly telling people we meet during our travels that I blog.

I really do admire the people who can openly post their work on every form of social media, and I’m aware that in order for my blog to grow, I should also do this. However, the thought of people I know, or know of me or people on my friendship lists reading my work, terrifies me. I have a fear that people will laugh at me, make fun of me or bring me down – feelings that I’ve never worried about with fellow bloggers or the people who choose to read my posts for a reason.

After the response to this post earlier this week, it was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only person who felt like they are living a double life. With blogging, I’m myself, I don’t hide anything and I feel 100 per cent comfortable, whereas outside my little internet bubble; I’m the opposite. So why am I so embarrassed? Especially when the general response is nothing but positive and people expressing their interest?

The answer is, I, or maybe we, should be proud of the content we are producing. A lot of time, effort and dedication goes into maintaining a blog on a regular basis, we put our heart and soul into creating enjoyable content that we also enjoy, yet we decide to keep all of our achievements private – it doesn’t make any sense. In any other hobby where we experience a proud moment, we’d be telling the whole world.

So, be proud, not embarrassed. The people who generally care are the people who you should keep close, and the people who are negative are the people you don’t need in your life anyway. Let’s stop hiding and share our little corner on the internet with everyone. You might be surprised…


29 thoughts on “Why Is My Blog so Embarrassing?

  1. My close friends and family know that I’m a blogger and they sort of support my hobby by reading it occasionally.

    But I do agree about not being comfortable with posting our posts on soc media because I could never do that lol. I want to protect my anonymity.

    Not sure whether this is related or not but I really love reading your blog but I’m more of the silent reader type.

    x Rasya

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    1. My family support me but my friends have no idea what I do! I’d love to learn to be more proud of what I’m doing but I can’t help but feel mortified when somebody finds out I Blog! It’s silly really.

      And that means so much! Thank you 😊!! X


  2. Omg I completely get how you feel. I think I have been pretty open about my blog, my family and close friends know about it. But whenever they bring it up I feel so embarrassed and there is no rhyme nor reason to it!

    I had a lovely moment the other day when one of my friends messaged me saying how much she related to my last blog post and that made me feel like maybe the people I love knowing about my blog isn’t all bad 😂

    Ali x

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    1. I’m exactly the same! I feel uncomfortable when I know they’re sat there reading it 🙈

      That’s so lovely! It’s always positive feedback from close friends and family and I think I forget to realise that!

      We should be proud of what we are creating 😊 x


  3. I totally relate to this! Before I used to have a blog that was more lifestyle centered and I just dreaded the idea of friends and family finding out. Only once did I promote it on my personal Instagram, and just like you, I got positive feedback. But that didn’t stop some “friends” from making sarcastic comments like “I should just open up a blog too”. I later realized that these people weren’t my friends at all. But due to that experience, I decided to open up a new Insta account just for my blog and keep things separate. Like you say, in order for a blog to grow you have to put yourself out there, which is something I’m hoping to improve.

    Lovely blog by the way 🙂

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    1. It’s so reassuring knowing that I’m not the only one going through this! The people who are negative are most likely jealous anyway. I stopped writing about the things I felt passionate about when I made it more public, and ever since I hid away again I went back to posting the things I enjoyed and gained more traffic from doing so! It seems so silly that we are afraid to share our passions with people we know!

      Thank you so much 😊 x


  4. Honestly this is so relatable and it’s made my day reading this knowing I’m not the only one!!! Apart from no one in my real life knows I have a blog – not even my boyfriend who I live with. I feel the same as you I’m just so shy about it, even if I wanted to tell people about it I wouldn’t even know how to bring it up. Though I also put my face on my blog and have an insta for my blog (also with pictures of me) I’m terrified of someone we’re to say to me “is that your blog”. I think I’m just scared people wouldnt understand, I’ve never stuck to anything or really been proud or put effort into anything in my life other than this blog. I feel you ❤️ sorry for the long ass comment haha but thank you x x

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    1. I’m so glad it’s made your day! It took me a while to tell my boyfriend but he’s been so supportive ever since I told him about it! I’m exactly the same! There’s been a few times where I thought my friends had found my blog and I felt mortified 😭🙈

      That’s so lovely, I can relate to absolutely everything you have just written, you should be proud of your content! A lot of time and effort goes into it!

      No worries I enjoyed reading it, thank you so much for commenting and reading it 😊❤️ xxx

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  5. Loved reading this post, Isobel. I’ve wanted to be a blogger for such a long time, but was always too embarrassed to set up a blog because I thought sharing the url with my friends and family would be inevitable. I was terrified of them thinking I’m ridiculous and laughing at me. This year, however, I had to set up a blog for university and my teacher also wants me to share my posts on social media. For some reason I just said: screw this, I’m sharing my blog with my Facebook friends and I’m going to try not to care about it. Having “I have to do it for school!” as a backup reason seems to really help, hahaha. I hope I can continue to not care once this school year is over.

    I really like your writing style! 😀

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    1. That’s amazing! Well done! I’m still learning to deal with this myself, I’m yet to be open about things! My new manager asked me yesterday what my hobbies are and my reply was ‘nothing’ which is so silly – all of my hobbies include blogging!

      Thank you so much!


  6. I feel like people are quite rude, they think they have the right to know everything about your life on YouTube. I have stop you-tubing because of the bullying and there not a lot of money in it for small YouTubers Blogging easier and you have more privacy.Its good to share but just not to much .

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  7. You really shouldn’t be ashamed of it, your blog is great and you are doing incredibly well! I used to feel the same but have learnt overtime to be proud of my own blog. It is a very personal thing, putting your thoughts down on paper so I completely understand.

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  8. I can totally relate to this post. It’s somewhat comforting to know others are in the same boat!!
    I still blog anonymously. I feel like I have to prove some level of success before I am able to share with friends and family. Great post!

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