Why I Haven’t Been Writing About Travel

February has been my usual England January – it’s been slow, tedious and I’ve honestly hated every minute of it. After the success of January and posting every single day about my travel experiences, I fell in love with the idea of travel writing, and knew from day one of being in Australia that I wanted my blog to grow as a travel website. February was all planned out; I had over 30 travel related blog posts either written or planned, but as soon as the month hit, I couldn’t bring myself to post anything about Australia. The passion became none existent and I struggled to write about anything other than lifestyle content. Considering the majority of my followers and traffic came when I began travel blogging in January, I believe you all deserve an explanation about what’s happening with this blog.

This month has been a tough month for me mentally. I’ve become down, frustrated and miserable. Ever since we got back from our road trip last month, we haven’t been travelling anywhere new, our money has been running out quickly and we have both equally struggled to find jobs. And due to this, I’ve spent countless days in my bedroom, writing and alone in my own thoughts – hence the new focus on lifestyle related posts. And top of this, I’ve felt a bit lost. I began blogging over a year ago now and I have always found it incredibly easy to write about my thoughts and feelings, and I’ve recently found a new love for candid photography and also personal style. I’ve been so excited to transform my corner of the internet into something positive, fun and picturesque. But with very little travel currently occurring, it’s difficult to write about travel related experiences and it hasn’t been easy to find any momentum to write about this topic right now.

I’m currently putting together a post about ‘travel goals’ and why I hate them, and I’m also working on a few posts about ‘how to’ in Australia with Jack. Next weekend we will be travelling to Byron Bay for three nights camping which I can’t wait to write about, we will be planning our Queensland road trip, and hopefully visiting a few new locations in the Brisbane area throughout March. But I guess this is all part of it when it comes to long term travel. There’s going to be weeks where we will just be getting by, we’ll have to sacrifice seeing places for a while until we can afford to see them and I’m now aware that I’ll be experiencing all kinds of emotions through 2018.

So all of this leaves me with the thought of what do I want this blog to be about? The answer is still primarily travel. Although I’ve learned that perhaps long term travel in one country isn’t for me, I still have a growing list of places and countries I want to visit by the end of 2019. Lifestyle posts will still continue as I enjoy writing relatable content, and I also want to introduce more style posts in the future. But for now, there’s going to be a lot ‘feelings’ published, and a lot more focus on the downtime we are now experiencing. One things for sure – there will be zero posts about negativity like there has been recently.

So yeah. Travel posts have been drying up because I simply haven’t been travelling, and it’s difficult to write about a topic when it isn’t the biggest part of your life during that moment. BUT – there is still plenty to come travel wise, I’m just not too sure when exactly that will be. I’m feeling positive heading into March, and I’m excited to rediscover my passion for travel writing and photography again.


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