Why do you still play The Follow/Unfollow Game?

Like for like! RT for RT! Follow me and I’ll follow back! Rate me and I’ll rate you back! Social media has always been plagued with these people. I remember the days on Facebook when people from school you’ve never even spoken to before would ask you to comment on their profile image for them to return the favour on yours, or when Twitter came along and we had to gain followers by asking for a follow in return. It was pretty innocent back then, I think it was anyway, but those days were in High School, we didn’t really know what we were doing and gaining likes on a status were more important than our year nine SAT results. At the age of twenty two, I’m honestly quite surprised that these kinda games still exist, only this time these methods are used without shouting on a roof top and the other person gains nothing in return other than an unfollow the following day.

I decided around a month ago that I’m going to be careful regarding who I follow back and who I keep following. I’m all for blogging support, in fact I follow starting out bloggers to get nothing in return, but so many bloggers and also Instagrammers are all in it for themselves. Before I came travelling, I said myself a goal to reach 1000 followers by the end of 2018. From day one, I’ve posted a photograph – or two, tagged the shit out of them and watched my follower count, well, drop. I’ve gained around 20 followers since November, losing more and more every single day. And as annoying as it may be; it hasn’t bothered me like it has done with everyone else – the only numbers that sometimes do bother me are the views my blog posts receive. But I’m not sure if the reason I struggle to gain followers is because Instagram is a load of bull, or because the people of Instagram (and Twitter) are also equally as bull.

I’m in no way saying that we should feel the need to follow someone back, I’m definitely guilty of picking and choosing, especially when so many accounts follow me that I have zero interest in, but I think the lack of support given out to each other is in someways slacking. I think we can all agree that the follow and then unfollowing game is becoming pretty tedious and frustrating, and I might be naive, but it still surprises me. It’s got to the point where the same accounts do it to me on a weekly basis, and they do it so frequently that they forget who they’ve already played the game with. There’s all different types – the follow/unfollowers, the people with thousands of followers who are following 10 people, the quick DM’s, the like without reading – I could probably name more.

I loved the blogging community because it was full of likeminded people, but now it’s becoming a place I don’t particularly enjoy. There’s too much hate, so much dislike, jealously and numbers slowly taking over the enjoyment out of writing. As you can most probably tell, I’ve had a lot on my mind recently regarding the blogging industry and how it works, reaching the conclusion that many bloggers are all in it for themselves, and to be honest, it baffles me. At the end of the day, we’re all in it for the same reasons and we all have the similar goals, so why is it so difficult for others to support others? The majority of us started this journey from our bedrooms, most of us still do, and the more popular blogging becomes, the more friendly competition we all face and the more friends we make. So although I know I’ll never have it my way, I do wish we’d stop with the game playing and begin to support each other.



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