Taking a Breather

I find it incredibly difficult to switch off from the real world and on social media; when I do my head is still weighed down by pointless shit that happened 10 years ago, such as my favourite bike being stolen when I was little. Recently my head has been all over the place and I’ve been in need of chill time for quite sometime now. I knew exactly where I was going wrong; life does can become difficult and we can let it all get on top of us, eventually becoming too much. But it can take a while to come to the realisation that the person who was causing this stress, was me.

I haven’t been looking after myself as much as I should be doing, I’ve been moping around the house feeling sorry for myself and the shit situations I’ve been in have been caused by me picking out the negatives in absolutely every unideal situation I’ve been through recently. I don’t know if it’s the stress of finding work, the money situation we’ve been in, missing home significantly or because I’ve been to a handful of doctors appointments and three sets of antibiotics in four months – but it’s been priddyyyy shitty to say the least. The truth is, life gets in the way and it is all out of your control – until you realise that the way things get better is through the actions you choose to take. It’s easy to feel sorry for yourself, I’m sure Jack will agree that there’s been *a lot* of self pity recently, but it was up to me to turn it all around.

Last weekend I went on a three night trip camping in Byron Bay and it was exactly what I needed. Three whole days with no WiFi, no social media, no emails, no bad news and a lot of fun – the mini break came exactly when I needed it. I’m writing this the following morning since returning back to our Airbnb in Brisbane, feeling re-motivated, inspired and ready to make my little blog exactly what I want it to be. Although I’m still not 100% sure what caused my recent bad spell of shitiness, I have realised the benefits of an internet and phone detox. I’m guilty of being on my phone 24/7, scrolling through all social media accounts all day and rechecking the performance of my blog; it’s not good for you in the slightest. Last weekend is the first time I can remember where I was able to completely switch off, avoid my phone and leave it behind – it felt bloody brill.

Blog wise, I’ve hated that my down mood has been reflecting on my posts, and this will definitely change in the future. I think I put myself under too much pressure by posting five days a week, and also writing on days when my head isn’t in the right place. I think that taking your blog too seriously can ultimately damage your blog and your creative flow, and I haven’t been enjoying my content as much as I should be doing. But I’m baaack! This time for the better. I decided that it would be best to step away from blogging for a couple of weeks and make a return when my head is back fully in writing and creating mode. But I’m interested to know what you guys like reading… travel, lifestyle, fun, fashion? What should I focus more on? Should I do more of daily life sort of stuff? I’ve also been considering YouTubing and Podcasting. YouTube is something I’ve set my sights on for years and years but never had the confidence or dedication to actually do it or if anyone would be genuinely interested!

All of that aside, I want to say thank you to everyone who likes and comments on my posts; it really does mean the world to me and motivates me to keep going. It feels good to be back in the swing of things and I’m so excited to get creating again over the next few weeks!


4 thoughts on “Taking a Breather

  1. Write about what you’d read! I personally love lifestyle posts with the odd beauty and travel posts, but you should definitely write about what you’d read, the readers will find you 🙂 x x

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