A Carefree Attitude in Byron Bay

Ohh, Byron Bay – the greatest location in Australia; I can’t begin to explain how much I bloody love the place. My first visit was back in January during a brief hour long visit at the end of our road trip back to Brisbane from The Great Ocean Road; instantly falling in love with the beautiful New South Wales coastal town. Although we only drove through the main town and spent most of our time eating leftover barbecue food on the beach (whilst on dog watch, obv) – I knew this place was special and I’d be eager to visit again and again. Excitedly, me and Jack loaded our car last weekend with a handful of camping gear and snacks, and set off to Cape Byron for three nights. Of course, this trip is a blog post in itself which I can’t wait to share on here next week – hopefully. 

But as lovely as the scenery and beaches are; Byron actually made me feel quite positive about myself. There isn’t many places that I can instantly fall head over heels for, I admit, I can be quite picky, but Byron Bay and the surrounding areas are different. I love the scenery, the clothes, the food, the coffee shops – I didn’t even mind the word ‘Vegan’ being thrown in my face everywhere I turned (sorry). The thing about Byron as a whole, is that it has something to offer for everyone, but the stand out feature for me are the people who make Byron Bay what it is. I often suffer with self confidence and I can be quite hard on myself in terms of the person I am, with the paranoia of being judged for my awful hairstyles and lazy outfits when I simply cannot be bothered. In Byron Bay it doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad hair day, nobody judges you and everybody is the person they want to be. As someone who washes their hair pretty much every single day, I even walked around with unwashed hair for two days – a big, big, thing for moi.

I basically fell in love with the carefree attitude, and as a society, we sadly often avoid this. I loved being surrounded by happy, chilled out, friendly and easy going people who weren’t afraid to be themselves and aren’t afraid to actually smile at other people. When I came back to Brisbane last Tuesday morning, I quickly longed to go back to a simple, yet fun, life in Byron where people don’t take themselves too seriously. I have a sudden urge to walk around in pretty boho outfits, accompanied by a bandana, whilst moving around in a pretty camper van. It’s so easy to understand why people, celebrities included, choose to spend a lot of their time here – it’s a place where the rules of society don’t matter. We all need time to discover our true selves and to understand how our lives should be lived, and for me, it’s having a carefree, don’t get a fuck attitude, and doing more of what makes you happy that ultimately results into a happier life. As a person who *had* a fear of being judged by people for all kinds of reasons, it feels refreshing to do more things that make me the happiest. Yesterday I actually went out in public to get blog photos by the beach – something that seemed impossible a few days ago. The way people live their life in Byron Bay, is the way we should all live our lives – pulling out on someone on a roundabout is also alright, they just laugh it off and let you go with no worries whatsoever – imagine that anywhere else!!

So I guess Byron Bay; other than it quickly becoming my favourite place on earth, has made me rethink a few aspects of the way I’m living. I suppose we’re all guilty of taking life too seriously sometimes, and we limit ourselves to do things we genuinely enjoy and avoid wearing things incase we look ‘uncool’ in the fear of being judged. But fuck it; life is too short to avoid doing the things that make us happy because other people might make a smarmy comment about it.


2 thoughts on “A Carefree Attitude in Byron Bay

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Byron Bay, but after reading this post, I’m longing to go there even more! It sounds like such an amazing place, and I think the carefree attitude the people of Byron have, should be adopted all over the world – I think it would be a much happier place!

    Han x

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