Scenes From My Week | Meet Archie

Happy Sunday! I’m lying here sipping ice cold water, whilst tucking into squared crumpets, with a dog to my left and the sun is shining down on my legs (sunburn is inevitable), scrolling through a handful of ‘Sunday Reads’ from my favourite bloggers and quickly realised that these diary entered posts once a week are vast becoming my favourite to read. With the likes of What Olivia Did releasing a weekly newsletter and Stylonylon releasing a weekly ‘Sunday Edit’ – I’ve decided to give it a bash! My blog has always had a ‘diary style’ element to it – minus the pages of ‘I Love ?’ As one who struggles to talk directly about their feelings, I love how having a blog and having the freedom of writing allows me to pour my heart out to a bunch of strangers online – you’re fab!

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You might be aware that the last few months have consisted of hiding away in a bedroom at an Airbnb for three months; co-hosting for one month of that, and I’m delighted to say we have now moved on from that challenging chapter of our Aussie adventure. On our last evening, Monday to be exact, our host Jeff thought it would be a good idea to have a barbecue together, which I guess was fun. I became tipsy off two cans of apple cider and in the middle of the night I had a bout of irritable bowls, as always from a barbecue – will I ever learn? And after three months of being Jeff’s little lap dogs (cleaning after him, other guests, co-hosting, etc) – he didn’t make the effort to say thank you or goodbye to us – a big middle finger up to you, Jeff. So after a kick in the teeth from another adult who thinks it’s alright to walk all over us, we left with our bulging suitcases trailing behind us and began our next chapter in Brisbane. It’s been a busy old week and for the next month it’s back to moving around, searching for accommodation and living out of a suitcase.

On Tuesday I ~finally~ got a haircut – I’m embarrassed to say it’s been six months since I last had it done, and proud to say the condition of my hair wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it was, and I had a special delivery from home which consisted of a new t-shirt and a baker boy hat from my mum as a little Easter treat which I will be sharing with you at some point this month. On Thursday we headed to a place called Maleny located on the Sunshine Coast, ate lunch by a waterfall and watched teenagers swing rope into the waters with my eyes half open (someone did actually end up going to hospital)! And then on Friday, we came to little Archie’s!

After what has felt like three months of nothingness, I’m so happy that things are starting to get back on track again and we have a bit more ‘get up and go’ about us. After posting the hugely successful ‘The Early Bird’ last month, I quickly fell back into the trap of late nights and lie ins once again and struggled to find any motivation to do anything. But this week is going to be a productive one, aiming to write as many drafts as possible for the months ahead (no WiFi for 4 months, help me).

Meet Archie Archie is an eight-year-old Maltese-Shih Tzu and my favourite Australian dog. Just before Christmas we had the pleasure of looking after him when his family went away on holiday for 4 days, and a couple of months ago we were asked if we’d liked to do the same again for two weeks – of course, we said yes! straight away. The next week or so will be the first time Jack and I will have some time to ourselves since early January – no humans, no guests, no ants in the TV LOL – just total recluses as we get up to scratch with our hobbies. Last night I even managed to persuade Jack to let Archie sleep in bed with us… he was a little dream!

The Read – After discovering Dutch magazine ‘Flow’ a few months ago in Melbourne; ultimately being left disappointed when I realised they were only sold in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, I had to find an alternative. Wallaaa! Frankie. Frankie magazine is full of something for everyone and it often my biggest source if inspiration for posts and writing styles.

The News – After weeks and weeks of unsuccessful job hunting, we finally secured farm work yesterday morning. On the 24th April we’ll be heading to the middle of nowhere (six hours away from Brisbane) and challenging ourselves to three or four months of hard work. The good thing is the deal we managed to find (more on that soon) and the work will enable us to sign off our second year visas! Our sole purpose of finding farm work was to fund the rest of our travels in Australia – the East Coast, Ayers Rock and possibly even more!


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