Some Thoughts on the Blogging vs Instagram Squabble

How you guys doin’?! I’m writing this post entirely in the heat of the moment after spending an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through various blogs and being bitten to death by midges. But before I set off on yet another tangent or rant as you may call it, regarding the ‘blogosphere’, I’m aware that I am absolutely not a pro when it comes to this blogging malarkey, however I’ve been reading blogs for a number of years and I’ve dabbled in and out of writing for nearly two – it’s the only hobby I’ve sorta-kinda managed to stick to as an ‘adult’. But I felt vryyy frustrated and kinda sad after reading Hannah Gale’s post on the slow demise of blogging, and how platforms such as Instagram are quickly taking over the blogging industry. 

I get it though, Instagram has a bit of everything and everyone seems to own an Instagram account these days. I spend endless hours scrolling up and down my feed and I absolutely love capturing my own memories and sharing them with other people – but for me, that’s it. I obviously don’t receive any engagement nor have I ever been asked to do a sponsored post on here before, but I have received ‘offers’ shit or not, over on the gram. Though as I previously mentioned, every man and his dog owns an Instagram account – dogs even make money from posting pictures – wuttt? Whereas with blogging, how many of your pals or parents write as a hobby? Or spend endless amount of hours writing, editing, photo taking, drafting and jotting down ideas on a spider diagram? 

Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but as much as I understood and able to relate to everything written in Hannah’s post, I also couldn’t help but feel the opposite. Anyone can post a picture and use an emoji as the caption, you don’t even need to understand Lightroom anymore to make a post unique or attractive due to the demand of presets and apps on our smartphones. I’ve said this an awful lot lately, but Instagram portrays a virtual world that isn’t ‘real’. I’ve never clicked on an Instagram profile and thought ‘gurlll, that is ME, I totally relate to this pic of you in your £200 bikini and golden, pristine skin’ – yet I’ve bookmarked over 50 blog posts on my phone where I have actually thought of those things, nodding my head as I read along accompanied with the occasional giggle. 

Blogging, personally, feels real. I’ve never been much of a reader of books myself, but I love how honest you can be when you own a blog. They’re easy to read, they’re real, I feel as if I know the person behind the blog and they can also help me in ways that nobody has helped before. Whether it being general life advice, a cheeky giggle, a pick me up, a bit of encouragement, travel guides, fashion inspo or just a good old chinwag – a blog post will always fill me with more happiness than a picture or story on Instagram. It’s always nice to have something to read. I wake up every morning, make some breakfast and come outside, quickly scroll through Instagram and then get stuck in with some morning blog reading and writing, music playing – I’ll always choose a detailed read over a stalk on a bloggers Instagram page.

Lastly, much like Anna has previously stated, your blog is your own, you can do whatever you want with it; write about your favourite book; share your latest favourite album or spill your feelings out to the world of the internet. I’m currently sat writing this in one of Jack’s t-shirts I’ve been lounging around in for the past few days, my hair hasn’t been brushed, I have zero make up on and the bags under my eyes look as dark as a black hole – writing can be done whenever, wherever; hiding behind the comforting screen of your laptop. It’s a shame that more and more people consider blogging to be a dying breed; I’m not entirely sure what direction blogging is heading to, but I know I’ll always enjoy a good read on a Sunday morning with a cuppa or a good ol’ writing sesh until god knows what time.



One thought on “Some Thoughts on the Blogging vs Instagram Squabble

  1. I like Instagram, though I try to disregard the obviously “fake” posts. That said, what about the story behind the picture? That’s what blogging really brings for me. I want the story and Instagram can’t give us that.


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